Hideaway in the historic city of Ayutthaya, just 76 km. north of Bangkok, Baan Thai House offers a unique experience of relaxation and Thai style living. Our resort has been designed and created for those who are looking for peace and tranquility.

Twelve individually theme villas nestled among 4 rais of tropical landscape enable you to experience Thai hospitality at its best. Also available is a swimming pool and a spa, our spa offers both Thai traditional massage and Aromatherapy serviced by qualified therapists.

Staying in Ayutthaya allows you to appreciate a wealth of Thai history and culture. The old city now a UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE site is a must-see for tourists visiting Thailand. darkweblinks org hidden wiki 2017 tor directory hidden wiki link 2017 pinkmeth website tor search engine pinkmeth link onion directory tor websites dark web websites hidden wiki 2016 deep web links 2016 deep web site onion websites hidden wiki link 2016 deep wiki darknet search engine onion links 2016 darknet websites tor links 2016 tor search dark web link 2016 deep web sites 2016 onion sites 2016 hidden wikipedia onion wiki index php main page darknet website list the hidden wiki 2016 onion list list of dark websites dark web links dark web urls deep web links deep web urls